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Papineau Numérique

The Papineau RCM project aims to improve the capacity, availability, speed and stability of high-speed Internet within the territory. By 2021, nearly 195 km of fibre-optic cable will be laid to connect 3,153 homes or businesses in 12 municipalities that are currently not or only partially served by a reliable modern connection. The project represents a total investment of $9.7 million, $6.5 million of which will be provided equally through the Government of Canada’s Connect to Innovate and Québec’s Branché programs, with the remaining $3.2 million being provided by the Papineau RCM. In order to maximize community benefits, Internet Papineau was mandated to operate the fibre-optic network once it was built. The 100% local Internet service provider is already developing the most affordable Internet packages possible, for which they will provide customer service and technical support. The Papineau Numérique has three objectives: to promote the competitiveness of the local economy, strengthen regional appeal and improve citizen quality of life through access to digital technology.