Updates on the Papineau Numérique Project – June 2020

Field surveys to assess the condition of the poles and support structures continue on the RCM territory. Two full-time surveyors have been assigned to the project and to date 27% of the surveys have been completed (55 km).

Revision and optimization of the design and architecture of the network in order to facilitate obtaining access rights to the structures and reduce construction costs are currently underway. To date, 22% of the network design has been completed (44 km).

The project office is currently finalizing five tender documents for the following aspects of the project in collaboration with the RCM:

  • Supply and installation of the electronic transmission equipment for the basic network;
  • network equipment and fiber-optic cables;
  • The construction of the transport and distribution network;
  • Supply, installation and configuration of the telecommunications exchange equipment;
  • The supply, installation and configuration of routing and Internet interconnection equipment