Filing of Phase 2 of the Papineau Numérique Project with the CRTC

The RCM of Papineau has filed a grant application with the CRTC as part of its Broadband Fund program to finance the Papineau Numérique 2 project.

The objective of the grant application is to implement a profitable project that will make it possible to serve the maximum number of households in the areas eligible for the grant. The project is intended to be a continuation of the approach undertaken with Papineau Numérique (phase 1).

In summary, Papineau Numérique 2 is;

  • 258 kilometres of fibre
  • 3,034 homes
  • 13 municipalities: Boileau, Bowman, Chénéville, Duhamel, Lac-des-Plages, Saint-Émile-de-Suffolk, Montpellier, Mulgrave et Derry, Namur, Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Ripon, Saint-André-Avellin, Val-des-Bois.

The project’s completion schedule will depend upon the speed with which the CRTC responds. The design and construction of the network are estimated to be 36 months following the acceptance of the project.